09 April 2016

Collaborators convening

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Master musician and puppeteer Gusti Sudarta began his latest Richmond residency in mid-March. He has been working with Gamelan Raga Kusuma (which he co-founded in 2007 along with director Andrew McGraw) as well as Rumput and various local community organizations.

Peni Candrarini and Danis Sugiyanto are making their way from Java.

Anna & Elizabeth shoe-horned in a 2-day workshop visit amid their tour and research travel. They begin their full-time residency April 5. Our first sneak-peek workshop is the very next day.

All have carried on a sustained wool-gathering collaboration over the past year via short-term residencies, workshops, and Skype sessions. The implementation phase is imminent. Now we find out what intensive collaboration is really about.


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