27 August 2016

Sesaji Segoro – Daughter of the Ocean

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‘Sesaji Segoro – Daughter of the Ocean’ by Lion and Moon Lady

Performed by
Peni Candra Rini and Neil Chua

Boby Budi Santos

Deep within the ocean lies the majestic palace of the Daughter of the Ocean. She ruled the ocean with her love and kindness. One day, she saw a fleet of ships cruising across the sea. Leading the fleet, stood the Prince of the Land, handsome and strong. He commanded the fleet with authority and wisdom just like his mentor, the Great Lion.

She was mesmerized by his charm and followed the Prince blessing his voyeur. As fate would put it, the Prince saw her and his heart melts. Her beauty was like the blossoming spring flowers and seeing her swimming in the crystal clear water was like a dance gifted from the Moon Goddess.

They fell in love.

For days and nights, they shadowed each other. Time stood still as they shared every moment together. Unknown to them, the world they ruled are falling apart as they neglect their duties. Storming oceans and war torn countries, their world is in pain.

Soon, the Daughter of Ocean realized the damage they caused. She wept in silence. If she chose to go on land with her Prince, the ocean will have endless storm but if her Prince was to go to her ocean palace, the land will be in chaos. 

She travelled to the far end of Mother Earth to seek solace from the Moon Goddess and guidance from the Great Lion. She has to choose. The world or her Prince. A painful choice she has to make.

As the world continued to tear itself apart, the Daughter of the Ocean made up her mind. Covered in tears, she gave her love to the world. She left the Prince and relinquished into the deep cold ocean, alone and in pain. She wept endless tears for her Prince but her pain and suffering is her greatest gift for the world. A gift from the Daughter of the Ocean for peace and harmony.


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