ANWESHA – Beyond the Darkness!
December 3, 2017
Drama Centre Theatre

Hello singapore!! See you tonight at Drama Centre Theatre for Anwesha : Beyond the Darkness


Beyond the darkness! is inspired by an earlier work, Anwesha-The Quest (2012), an unsettling physical dialogue that compelled the viewer to probe the traditional narrative of Ramayana’s Sita.

In Beyond the darkness! Maya Dance Theatre continues its journey of social exploration. This time the production addresses the relevant yet less discussed subject of mental well being, delving into the ‘urban-ness’ of society and its intangible pressures that result in a state of reduced mental wellness. Sita continues to be a medium for exploration and is used to draw parallels to the many Sita’s, regardless of gender, who are hurt and suppressed in our society today.

– Artistic Direction, concept and choreography: Kavitha Krishnan
– Co-choreography: Danang Pamungkas (Solo, Indonesia) and Shahrin Johry
– Performers: Shahrin Johry, Bernice LeeEva TeyPeni Candrarini (Solo, Indonesia), Subastian Tan, Danang Pamungkas (Solo, Indonesia)
– Music composition: Dr. Rahayu Suppangah (Solo, Indonesia) and Kailin Yong
– Vocalist: Peni Candra Rini
– Music Collaborators: Alex Dea (USA/ Indonesia) and Noella Yan (Singapore/ Australia)
– Dramaturgy: Jeremiah Choy
– Visual Artist: Muhammad Izdi
– Lighting designer : Alberta Wileo
– Producer: Imran Manaff


Ticket are:
$30 (Standard), $25 (Concession) $25.5 (Passion Card) and available from:

at Drama Centre Black Box
100 Victoria Street
National Library Building
Singapore 188064

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