Beats & Bridges: From Little Tokyo to Boyle Hts. & Beyond
October 24, 2014
1718 Mariachi Plaza de los Angele, Los Angeles, California 90033
Mariachi Plaza
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In the end,
we are all connected by…

From Little Tokyo
to Boyle Heights
& Beyond

Connecting Our Stories, Songs, & Communities
@Mariachi Plaza
1823 E 1st St, LA 90033

This Dia de los Muertos event is a global block party calling together neighbors from both sides of the First Street Bridge & both sides of the globe to celebrate the bridges that connect our stories, ancestors & communities.

Music / Storytellers / Young performers / Poets / Performances / Artisan Vendors / Activities for Kids / Family Photo Booth / Community Altars ( Bring a photo / object to add ) / Bike Repair Workshops

– the 2014 OneBeat Fellows ( 25 intl musicians from 17 countries )
– Jason Arimoto ( U-Space Cafe )
– The Mariachi Conservatory
– the Boyle Heights Youth Orchestra
– Mendez High School students
– Las Fotos Project

The night features histories from both communities, including the history of collaboration across Japanese American, Mexican American, & European neighbors on both sides of the First St Bridge.

Enjoy unique collaborations OneBeat fellows & local youth…

You ever heard Rancheras sung in Arabic? Oye Como Va with a Russian accordian player? Or Japanese Mariachis? Neither have we! The whole thing is an experiment in bridging cultures & genres.

Throughout the night storytellers, performances & community Day of the Dead altars will highlight shared stories between Little Tokyo & Boyle Heights communities.

For 5 days in October L.A. will host 25 OneBeat Fellows, international musicians with social missions. The Fellows will collaborate with youth, artists, & organizations in Little Tokyo, Boyle Heights. & the Arts District.

Their goal? To explore the ways music can have a positive impact on society, from the local to the global.

Featuring original music from the OneBeat fellows; 25 young international musicians with social missions. They will also share collaborations with local performers & youth from both sides of the First Street Bridge.

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at the M-Bar:
A Halloween dance after-party across the street at the M Bar. After party will feature local Cumbia band A Poco No (Members of KCRW darlings Chicano Batman), + DJ sets from OneBeat fellows & two local DJs. $5 entrance. 21+

M Bar Boyle Heights
1846 E 1st St., LA 90033

The living & the dead, Boyle Heights & Little Tokyo; both separated by a river & connected by a bridge.


See the Full Week of Events Here:

About OneBeat:
OneBeat is an incubator for music-based social entrepreneurship where innovative musicians from around the world launch collaborative projects designed to make a positive impact on local and global communities. Now in its third year, OneBeat is cultivating a groundbreaking international network of leading artistic, technological, and social innovators in music.

Beats & Bridges:
The theme of OneBeat’s tour stop in Los Angeles is Beats & Bridges, a week of musical happenings designed to strengthen relationships between LA’s 1st St. Bridge communities and connect them with vibrant musical movements around the world. 25 OneBeat Fellows will collaborate with residents and organizations based in Boyle Heights, Little Tokyo and the Arts District to reinforce historic and current connections between these three LA neighborhoods, while exchanging globally-applicable strategies for using music to bridge cultural and political divides.