Composer by Peni Candra Rini
Live concert of GAMELAN PACIFICA,
December 3 2011, for Cornish Music Series Fall 2011, at Poncho Concert Hall, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, Washington.

Slenthem : Jarrad Powel
Rebab : Jesse Synder
Gender Barung : Stephanie Helm
Gender Penerus : Stephen Fandich
Siter : Mindy Johnson
Gambang : Cristina Sunardi
Bonang Barung : Adrienne Varner
Kenong : Ted Gill
Guitar, Penembung and Saron I : Stephen Parris
Saron II : Lena Simon
Demung I : Deena Manis
Demung II : Ian Huddleston
Gong : Dick Valentine
Video by : Senggo Sunardi

Lo! a star.. and lo, how radiant red
Your shimmering path compels a sudden
from the sky of skies
Now Lost in the deep, submerged in sky
pearly diamond of night
filling the cosmos of the heart
with the lovely light of many colors
Your sporadic appearances,
shadows that fade into after-image and are lost
Do not fade from sensation

Thanks to : Asian Cultural Council New York, Cornish College of the Arts